What is a DNS Deadend Record?

A DNS deadend record, or a “sinkhole” record, is a nifty tool in the world of network management and cybersecurity. Here’s a quick rundown of what it does:

  1. Blocks Bad Traffic: It redirects traffic from suspicious or harmful domains to a safe, non-working IP address.

  2. Boosts Security: By steering traffic away from harmful sites, deadend records help keep your network safe and sound.

  3. Helps in Monitoring: When traffic goes to a controlled address, it’s easier to watch and analyze for any sketchy activities. This is a big plus for understanding and preventing cyber threats.

  4. Enforces Rules: Sometimes, these records are used to make sure everyone on the network follows certain internet usage policies.

In a nutshell, DNS deadend records are like the bouncers of the internet world – they keep the bad stuff out and help maintain a secure and compliant network.

How can I Implement a DNS Deadend Record?

Using 100:: as the value in an AAAA record is a common method to implement this for IPv6 addresses.